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Products & Services

Enterprise 1099

Enterprise 1099 solution helps larger customer address their information reporting requirements to the Internal Revenue Service and various States.

Fincen 114

We offer a smart e-File tool for preparing FINCEN Form 114. We have over 14 years of tax filing experience as well as web development expertise.

ACA 1095

Affordable Care Act - Zenwork’s IRS approved ACA reporting framework revolves around Track → Import → Report.

SMB 1099, powered by Zenwork, Inc., is an IRS- approved E-file provider for 1099, 1098, W2, and 940/941/944 and other forms.

EXCISE TAX 2290 & 8849

We offer a Full Service 2290 tax filing for our customers with large fleets or who need additional assistance with the filing process.


Our Real-Time Verification validates the vendor/contractor’s name and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) against the IRS database, returning your results in seconds.

BIZ & PERSONAL TAX... brings you an IRS-approved e-File tax extension service which is easy to use and understandable.

Payroll Tax 94X/W2

IRS approved secure 94X filing supports 941/940 and 944 forms electronically. The electronic form validation within our software catches most of the errors before 94X series form gets filed with the IRS.



In recent years, there has been significant growth in small to mid-size business owners and it is consistently increasing as more Americans are becoming self-employed as entrepreneurs, freelancers, contractors, owners of micro businesses and etc. Although conventional careers still prevail, the American entrepreneurial dream is growing fast. Our easy to use tax 1099 system saves most of the business owners’ valuable time and allows them to e-file 1099 misc form within minutes, hence liberating them to focus on other essential priorities. E-filing form 1099 misc through ensures that business owners will get their IRS acknowledgement within 1-2 business days and help them to stay in compliance with the IRS. Our 1099 e-filing system is very easy to use and comes with live phone and chat support service that's hard to find in this industry for the price that we are offering.

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