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Click your way to compliance. Trust Tax1099 for fast, secure, accurate eFiling.

What is Tax1099 Enterprise? Tax1099 Enterprise is an IRS-approved, cloud-based, award-winning eFiling platform for 1099’s, 1095’s, W2’s, 940-series, and other forms. Our two-way sync, available for QuickBooks Online, Xero, and is just another in our list of accountant-friendly features, alongside our W9 & TIN matching vendor management tools, and our workflow management solution.

What does Tax1099 Enterprise do for you? With Tax1099 Enterprise, your team can access as much or as little information as you decide. Designate user roles for each of your team members, including a data entry role and a data review role, or design custom roles by action or by a payer. Separate logins for each team member allow for user action tracking.

  • Collect info with W9 eSolicitations, and verify with included TIN matches
  • Sync with accounting software and import easily
  • Deliver vendor forms by USPS or email
  • Comply with all federal and state requirements automatically
  • File corrected forms, and file for two years previous

What is Tax1099 Essential? Tax1099 Essential is for filers who have a few forms, and want to get them done fast, the right way. Our compliance team stays up-to-date on the most recent federal and state compliance requirements so that you don’t have to. When you enter your information, our intelligent software will alert you to any filing requirements you must satisfy.

What can Tax1099 Essential do for you? With Tax1099 Essential, your filing process is simple. Our step-by-step process streamlines your data entry and review. Tax1099’s built-in validation and compliance checks ensure that your filing is accurate, protecting you from penalties.

  • Key in your form information, or import through an Excel template
  • View and edit forms before submitting


The only tool you will need to screen businesses and individuals. Minimize risk and boost compliance with our highly-scalable real-time API

Powering Global Business Identity Checks In Real-Time.

Compliancely runs a variety of identity checks and looks for the input entered in hundreds of global lists and databases. Conducting these checks only helps you validate the background of the searched entity or individual. It is not the sole basis of making recruitment or business decisions.

Other Products


appHR Simplified HR for the sophisticated business. Transform your complicated HR tasks into game-changing productivity.

appHR is a cloud-based software that quickly resolves Human Resource issues for all companies.

Customizable workflows allow companies to build any type of approval path that is needed for the HR function. Companies can assign any employee with approval authority to easily include departments such as: Finance, Administration, and Operations Support even when they are not directly assigned .


Form 2290 eFiling made easy. Receive your Schedule 1 in minutes.

What is EZ2290?EZ2290 is an IRS-approved provider of form 2290. We offer both do-it-yourself and full-service filing options. For large fleet owners, we provide an information import option through an Excel template. EZ2290 gets your Schedule 1 and gets you back on the road.

What can EZ2290 do for you? With EZ2290, you don’t have to puzzle through tax tables to find how much you owe. We’ll calculate your tax for you based on your situation. Answer our brief questionnaire, and we’ll help you create your form 2290.

  • Creating an account is free.
  • Calculating your tax is automatic and accurate.
  • Going through the step-by-step process is simple
  • Receiving your Schedule 1 takes under an hour, in most cases.
  • Correcting your VIN is free

EZ Extension

Make your life easy with EZ Extension. File personal and business tax extensions online with EZ Extension.

What is EZ Extension? EZ Extension is an easy-to-use platform for eFiling personal and business tax extensions. Paperless filing reduces inefficiency and replaces it with a secure, straightforward process for claiming your automatic extension through the IRS.

What can EZ Extension do for you? With EZ Extension, qualifying for either a personal or business tax extension is easy. EZ Extension helps you plug your information into the right boxes on either the personal extension IRS form 4868 or on the business extension IRS form 7004. We also offer single account filing for accountants or tax professionals, who file on behalf of many clients.

  • Use our guided data entry process
  • Estimate your taxes with our built-in tax calculator
  • eFile your extension to the IRS, in full compliance with requirements
  • Receive IRS acknowledgement of your extension filing

FBAR Online

Report your foreign bank account with full confidence in your compliance with federal requirements. eFile your FinCEN 114 with FBAR Online.

What is FBAR Online? FBAR Online is an IRS-approved, third-party eFiler for FinCEN form 114. This intuitive, cost-effective tool is catered to individual filers, tax professionals, and corporations, with the tools and support to ensure a good eFiling experience.

What can FBAR Online do for you? With FBAR Online, you can follow along with a step-by-step tax information questionnaire that helps you fill out your FinCEN form 114 as you go. This questionnaire enables you to complete your filing in just minutes.

  • Enter your information via a helpful interview questionnaire
  • Save information in FBAR Online, and return when you’re ready to complete your eFiling
  • For tax professionals: Use a single login to file for your clients, and take advantage of discounted bulk pricing
  • For corporations: Partner with our support team for details on compliance and eFiling


Visitor, events, employee, and delivery management for the modern office.

A beautifully crafted app that handles people, process, compliance and security using smart devices.

Your modern office and business needs a modern first impression when a visitor arrives at the lobby or your business location

  • Fidentity Kiosk App integrates with Slack, Google Hangout, and Office365 to notify hosts on guest and customer’s arrival.
  • Hosting a group event, Fidentity events feature allows you to generate passes and entry tickets in advance with the option to pre-check in invitees.
  • Powerful NDA features ensure confidentiality and security for the business.
  • SOC Type 2, GDPR, ITAR and FSMA attested to ensure it meets the latest industry security and compliance requirements.
  • Wi-Fi Access for guests and many more features.